The Laughing Soup Dish - Underthrow The Overground - 1990 - US - Psychedelic Rock - Vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Voxx Records - VXS 200.062


A1 In Pieces
A2 Pomagranate
A3 Cellophane Sailboat
A4 Weathering Strangerly
A5 Leave A Light On
A6 Verbenea
B1 Angel Hair
B2 Nether Planet Overhead
B3 Underthrow The Undrground
B4 Serena
B5 Bloody Sucking Creatures
B6 Grimble Wedge

Finally, as requested and with my immense pleasure, I can complete the discography of these magnificent losers!
With this album the Laughing Soup Dish give us an album less out of head of the previous, but more mature, more delicate, surely one of the best albums of 1990 and a small great masterpiece of psychedelia.


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!asRA1CqL!PJzHH8oCuZnyGPv_1FQ2WLsfnsbOFX1zFe15pzF2pEw

  2. My goodness, is that great. WOW!
    Thanks a lot for sharing, this one and the 7''.

  3. Rawkin'... you are one of the great men of our times. Thank you very much for sharing this magnificent record. The first album (which you kindly gave us a few posts back) was good but this one is even better. As you say, a high point of 90s psychedelia. I'll be playing nothing else all week. Kind regards, tf.


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