Blodwyn Pig & Mick Abrahams' Band - Radio Sessions 69 To 71 (2012 uk, brilliant prog/blues-rock) Flac

This album features previously unreleased, early live recordings from 1969 and 1970 featuringMick Abrahams on guitar and vocals, Andrew Pyle on bass guitar, Jack Lancaster plays Saxes, Phoon Horn and violin with Ron Berg on drums. '69 - 71' is the classic period for Blodwyn Pig and sees them firing on all cylinders; reaching the UK Top 10 with each album release, being billed as a top live act alongside Small Faces and Santana and gaining the success that was due for such a talented band.

Also featured on the album is the Mick Abrahams' Band featuring (of course) Mick Abrahams, Bob Sergeant on Keyboards and violin, Walt Monahan on bass guitar and Richie Dharma on drums. 

This band offers a more mainstream taste to popular music of the time of recording, eclectically mixing blues, folk, jazz and rock into a spellbinding experience.

Check out this album for the cream of the 1960's crop!


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