Charles Earland - Perceptions - 1978 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Mercury - 9111 024 Jazz, Funk / Soul


A1 Let The Music Play 6:48
A2 I Like It                 5:04
A3 Changes         3:41
A4 Dance America 5:10
B1 Over And Over 9:31
B2 Smile         6:35
B3 Broken Heart 3:50
B4 Charley         0:22

Another wonderful LP that in 40 years nobody has deigned to reprint. Years ago I found a rip on What CD but track 1, perhaps the most beautiful, jumped, but thanks to my friend Fausto (thank you very much from the bottom of my heart) now I can have a good rip (I think it sounds great, thanks to the quality of the recordings of Jazz , Funk / Soul music during the disco era).

Paraphrasing the title track, LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

rawkin 'dog


  1. Fausto's vinyl - my rip - 16-48 flac!npRmnKiC!3w7MbjJamq_qcC52DQs4lnFLCA4jh6Ybh5EqNg7JR4s

    1. Grateful to people like you who have access to this old, rare music allowing more of us to enjoy it, thank you :)

  2. Sugestão maravilhosa para um grande artista, obrigado!

  3. Thanks you very much !!


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