The Laughing Soup Dish - We Are The Dish - 1987 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Voxx Records - VXS 200.047


A1 Acidland
A2 Seven Seas
A3 Plant Life
A4 The Flowering
A5 Now You Know
A6 Your So Plastic
B1 Princess
B2 Black River
B3 Last Impressions
B4 For The Yesterdays
B5 No One Home
B6 Sunrise

A fantastic album of acid psychedelia, which resists, in contrast to many others, to the wear and tear of time.

After more than 30 years preparing this vinyl rip, I discovered still new facets of this incredible kaleidoscope!

Some flaws have failed to eliminate it, but in an album of this kind, imperfections fit perfectly ... and then the vinyl is nice for that too.

Dedicated to my dear friend Alex.

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!yghT3ZQJ!mZ0sXur9_inCjxf429G1LGzgIF795umWmP0-3s9TyXk

    1. the dawgs arawkin. thanks

    2. hi Ugo,
      Thanks for the first Lp,can you post the second Lp" The Laughing Soup Dish ‎– Underthrow The Overground'1990)if you can?I have a crappy lossy version.

  2. Hi Chris!
    I have a very old rip that I have to redo, this week should get the new needle, then I will provide as soon as possible or with a post or, in a private way, via wetransfer. I also have 45 Teenage Lima Bean, are you interested?

    1. Sure my friend, you can add Teenage Lima Bean,I didn't have this one too.

    2. Thanks very much for posting this. I used to have both the Laughing Soup Dish albums but sold all my vinyl after the bath in the apartment above mine leaked through my ceiling while I was on holiday. The damp in the air for a prolonged period eventually made the sleeves go mouldy so I sold them while I could. Another humble request for a post of the Underthrow The Overground album too if possible.

      Best regards,


  3. I'm sorry for your vinyls. Underthrow The Overground soon, have faith, promise! Cheers!

  4. Big big thanks for the Laughing Soup Dish!
    I have this one as a real LP in my collection, but never made a digital copy. So your vinyl rip is very much appreciated, a wonderful album!
    Unfortunately I don't have their 2nd album and I'm thrilled that you want to post it here. Excellent!!!

    For info, I also run a blog named "FUZZ, FARFISA, SCREAMS AND MORE". If there's some interest, you are very welcome!
    Of course, everyone else is very welcome too.

  5. Oh sweet! Finally this rare gem hits the spot. Wicked to the core. Time to upgrade the "crappy lossy version" that i enjoyed for years... Please spread your good hard-earned Voxx frequencies & keep pumping this place up full of Acid "Punkadelic" from the 80's... Highly appreciated entries.
    Sir Rawkin'dog ; i wholeheartedly Salute you.

  6. It's a real pleasure to see that many appreciate this album and the 80's!

    Thanks !!!


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