The Mystreated - Looking Right Through - 1994 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Twist Records (2) - TWIST BIG 4


A1 I Won't Pay The Price
A2 Flowering Seeds
A3 Gemini Again?
A4 It Means Nothing
A5 Situations Un-Wanted
A6 Looking Right Through
B1 You're Not Alone
B2 In My Dreams
B3 A Just Reflection
B4 The Widow's Son
B5 Tyme Is Passing
B6 Don't Be Led
B7 Sacred Stone

The Mystreated is yet another garage band that deserved better luck. They recorded in mono and, unlike almost all the psych / garage bands, they almost never used covers and their songs, very personal, were not hits, but melodies that at each time fascinated more and more.

Enjoy the second LP of this excellent English band.

rawkin' dog


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