Various Artists - Per Chi Non Conosce La Liberta' (Raro Beat Italiano Vol. 1) - 1995- vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Reverendo Moon Records - RMR 001


A1 –Tubi Lungimiranti Abbiamo Paura Dei Topi 3:30
Written-By – Del Bianco, Bultrighini
A2 –Rilevati Qualcuno Ha Parlato 2:14
Written-By – Robuschi
A3 –Nobil's Lasciami Star 2:50
Written-By – Alvaro
A4 –Bisonti Ma Se Ci Penso 2:10
Written-By – Friggeri, Gatti
A5 –Raminghi Buio Mondo Nero E Giallo 2:35
Written-By – Ingrosso, Parisini
A6 –Images (12) The Great Airplane Strake 3:05
Written-By – Revere
A7 –Amici Chinati Ai Tuoi Piedi 2:75
Written By – Simonetti - Riccitelli
B1 –Barrittas Sa Pacchia 2:15
Written-By – Albano, Salis
B2 –Vanguards Non Mi Sbagliavo 2:20
Written-By – Cazzulani, Bonzi, Ingrosso
B3 –Baronetti Sabbia Blu 3:50
Written-By – Pinto, Gianlombardo
B4 –Saraceni Ricorda 2:20
Written-By – Loi, Odorici
B5 –Bucanieri Sai 2:10
Written-By – Violante, Gazzola
B6 –John Davil E Gli Eccentrici Morning 3:05
Written-By – Maselli, Marchetti, Marini
B7 –Angel And The Brains S. Francesco 2:20
Written-By – Moroni

A real album for connoisseurs, very rare songs, a very particular beat, very different from what is normally included in this category, sometimes oriented towards the garage, sometimes towards psychedelia. Sung almost all in Italian but it is the music of these 14 songs that really deserves to be discovered.
A clarification: this rip is clearly better than what a rascal has "subtracted" and has made the turn of the private torrents .

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  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!25wWzYxD!MroqqsDGDXBcqJcFjhcO45CU3Gsd9ZivnWlA2am6xZ8


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