King Errisson - L.A. Bound - 1977 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Westbound Records - WT 307


A1 Disco Congo 8:43
A2 Manhattan Love Song 10:21
B1 Sal Soul Sister 6:47
B2 Well, Have A Nice Day 5:53
B3 L.A. Bound 6:40

This wonderful L.A. Bound is to be counted among the greatest masterpieces of soul funk. Five long songs of which only the last track at first listening may seem in fashion but conriene some fabulous parts that make the happiness of any d.j ..
A true miracle on the part of this artist because the other albums are not anything special.
I add only that the vinyl records of Westbound Records sound fantastic and resist the wear of the audience as few (unlike the 180 grams of this decade that have many factory defects ...).
My vinyl, received as a gift, has big defects and so I thank my friend Fausto for lending me his jewel!

To listen but, above all, to dance!

rawkin' dog


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