Freedom - Through The Years (1971 uk, superb hard/psychedelic/blues-rock - Akarma reissue) Flac

Most of you probably already know that Freedom was formed with two former Procol Harum members, guitarist Ray Royer and drummer Bobby Harrison.

Freedom were a legendary British psychedelic hard-rock band. This is their fourth album, originally released for the collectable Vertigo label in 1971. Powerful hard-rock / bluesy sound with loud wah /distorted guitars, long tracks, wasted vocal. Recommended to fans of Clear Blue Sky, Budgie, Jodo.

Although the roots of “Through The Years” are in hard rock, it has many blues influences in most of the songs (especially at guitar solos). Furthermore, folk and pop music in not strange to Freedom, since apart from acoustic guitars, they use very “catchy” vocal harmonies in their songs. Typical example of the “softer” side of Freedom is the ballad “Thanks”, which easily stands out from the rest of the songs.
1. Freestone
2. Through The Years
3. Get Yourself Together
4. London City
5. Thanks
6. Toe Grabbe


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