Sailor - Checkpoint - 1977 - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Epic - EPC 82256


A1 Stay With Me Now 4:03
A2 Romance 4:15
A3 Keep Of The Streets At Night 2:50
A4 Checkpoint Charlie 5:30
A5 Joe's Pianola 2:33
B1 Down By The Docks 5:38
B2 Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is 2:45
B3 My Girl (She Knows What To Do) 3:10
B4 Istanbul 6:25 3:24
B5 Nothing Has Changed 4:36

Sincerely of Sailor I don't know anything at all, Discogs includes them in the genre:
Funk / Soul but instead I guarantee you that 9 songs out of 10 are very varied and certainly have nothing to do with the label given them by Discogs, while the song that opens the B side, Down By The Docks, is a real and just a disco anthem, which in 1980 was depopulated by the dj T.B.C. (Tosi Brandi Claudio), at the Cosmic in Lazise (a location on the eastern shore of Lake Garda - Italy) the best Italian disco of the period. This single song is worth hundreds of albums.

Normally I upload material only released on vinyl, while Checkpoint was released on CD in Russia in 2000, but it is very difficult to find and, I suppose, with a sound that would not fit in the ears of a vinyl addict like me ...

Dedicated from the bottom of my heart to Bob Day & Tom Sison! I love you so much!

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  1. my rip, vinyl of my dear friend Fausto (thank you very much) - FLAC - 16-48!j4pXTYbD!3zSb8SXCoAxk5LO7qFbG18OwQtPQ3JZmgl1bMkYPOiA


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