The Steppes - The Steppes - 1984 vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Mystic Records (8) - MLP MINI-02


A1 Kathy Maguire
A2 I Think I'll Go
A3 Young Johnny Jones
A4 To Carry On
B1 It's The Real Time
B2 Nobody's Fault
B3 Take Heart, My Love
B4 No Names Yet For Henry

The debut album of a band that few remember, dedicated to a psychedelic powerpop, never reissued on CD, but the digital re-release of their third album of 1988, Stewdio, released in 1997, contains it in full but with a sound, in my opinion, already pumped.
If you want to know more you can find them also on Wikipedia.
For my part, that I don't particularly love the powerpop apart from the first two albums of Sunnyboys, the second of The Plimsouls and a few other things, I can unconditionally say that this is really a fascinating work, that I can support the aforementioned works and that I also recommend to lovers of pure pop.

Try it!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!H8pHHZqY!EmAm9hrtqQfwbD7RLrFVQT4FGM4TCu-tuk8jhQ6b_MU

  2. Thank you very much Rawkin'Dog for this upgrade, highly appreciated, i hope it won't be the last Steppes treat. just like yourself sir i'm not into the Powerpop "wave" , i'd rather the Psychedelic aspect, but the Steppes are out of the equation, they're an icon. Regardless being underrated, forgotten or whatever.. ; they left "un repertoire de luxe" that speaks for itself! The first album aside, they mostly recorded for Voxx and Voxx Records simply kick arse.. they even got few releases under the sublime Delerium Rec., personally ; i've never been disappointed with these Labels.
    One last note: if you're just getting started into the Steppes, listening to their albums chronologically is recommended.
    Thank you very much once again for this fine sharing, for blogging too, Best Regards.


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