Steeplejack - Pow Wow - 1988 (Italian Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock) vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Electric Eye Records - EELP 013


A1 Miss Springtime Sunset
A2 No-One's Land (My Sweet Red Toppanola)
A3 Say Green And Say Yellow
B1 Indian Cannonball
B2 Rooting Groundhog
B3 Stomp Around Huge Frog
B4 And You Walked Away
B5 Under A Thunder Of Stars

The Italian garage / psych scene of the second half of the eighties produced at least a dozen masterpieces of rock music. This Pow Wow by Steeplejack is perhaps the best product, only released on vinyl and produced by the group and by Claudio Sorge, for the label of the latter, an excellent Italian rock music journalist.
This album is really special, unfortunately on YouTube I managed to find only one track.
In 2014 they reformed by publishing a double vinyl that also includes the CD version, which has the last song that lasts almost twice as much as vinyl.
Now they have a more "experimental" sound but always fascinating. Highly recommended.
In the future will follow other great Italian records of the period.

Trust the rawkin 'dog!


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16.48 - FLAC!Dg52zJ7D!W4HZKJKItRrFnIV_MgY9QuQuP4oyhk_rif_9ASfIaTs


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