Mandragora - Over The Moon - 1988 - England - Space Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Babbleon Records - BAB 01


A1 Dancing Round The Fire     6:40
A2 Hold On To Our Dream       5:19
A3 Rainbow Warrior                 6:09 
B1 Magic Musick                      4:25
B2 Future Pad                            3:31
B3 Wally Magoo                        4:31 
B4 Solstice Song                        7:10

Towards the end of the eighties some masterpieces appeared that belong to the progressive genre that, in fact, had exhausted its resources, more or less in 1977, we say with Going For The One of my beloved Yes. One is definitely this debut Mandragora, which Discogs erroneously catalogs as space rock, definition that may be good for the subsequent works, and certainly two other debuts, Full Moon and Utopian Fields, both of 1989, which will be the subject of future posts.
I was born musically with the prog given that in 1973 where I live there were only records of this category or of glam rock and so I consider myself an expert and I strongly recommend one of the vinyls that I have heard more in life.
A special mention deserves the long track that closes this brilliant gem, the atmosphere makes you seem to be reunited in Stonehenge to listen to a druid who praises the solstice, involving 1,000%!


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