The Melted Americans - The Melted Americans - 1988 - US - Rock - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Mad Hatter Recordings - TMA 004


A1 - The Melted Americans - Your Love Is Bringing Me Down 2:35
A2 - The Melted Americans - Any Little Man 3:38
A3 - The Melted Americans - Straightface 5:34
A4 - The Melted Americans - Wait For Good Times 5:03
A5 - The Melted Americans - Bitter Brown 3:16
B1 - The Melted Americans - Little Pall Bearer 3:38
B2 - The Melted Americans - Visions Rare 2:55
B3 - The Melted Americans - Never Hang You Up 3:16
B4 - The Melted Americans - Harold Small 4:29
B5 - The Melted Americans - Things I Said Today 3:36
B6 - The Melted Americans - It´s A Day 4:59

The first album of The Melted Americans, three releases in all from 1988 to 1990 is perhaps slightly better than the others but, in essence they are equal and is the only one released only in vinyl format. Unfortunately I have not found any videos on Youtube that contain tracks of this lp, except some live from which I chose Straightface, here longer than the studio version, which is perfect (except the quality of the recording) to present this excellent band and trust the rawkin' dog when he tells you that we are facing the umpteenth rock masterpiece of the eighties that has had very little luck and I believe that many lovers of the psychedelic garage will appreciate it a lot.
A clarification: the length of the songs that are on the vinyl and therefore on Discogs is very approximate ... (Melted ???)

Grab it and comment on it!!!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!f1Jk3a7B!eFiANUwmsiqjwH8Yvn_ct1dkleV-2YCT2OqPjiK_ud0

  2. Thank you!!! Love to hear this in vinyl

  3. new rip - new link:


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