The Wylde Mammoths - Things That Matter - 1988 – Sweden - Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Rock & Roll - vinyl - 16-48 - flac – Crypt Records - Crypt 012


A1 Things That Matter
A2 Run From Her
A3 Ain't No Use
A4 Have You For My Own
A5 Make Up Your Mind
A6 Good Love
A7 It's The Same All Over The World
B1 C'mon Little Girl
B2 The Other Way Around
B3 Someone Like Me
B4 Down And Out
B5 Two Kinds Of People
B6 I Need You
B7 I Cried Like A Child

The greatest masterpieces of the garage rock of the second half of the eighties, for me perhaps the best period of all time for this kind of music, all come from the "suburbs" of rock and are the first album of Italians Sick Rose, Faces (1986), and 3 Swedish album, the first album by The Creeps, Enjoy The Creeps (1986), the first of The Stomach Mouths ( .html), Something Weird (1986) and this second album by The Wylde Mammoths, Things That Matter of 1988 which, after Go Baby Go !! 1987, excellent work, have drawn this cornerstone of rock music.
14 garage songs of rare beauty, 10 originals all of the singer, guitarist and harmonica player Peter Maniette and 4 covers chosen with undoubted taste and performed as the God garage commands!
I own all the vinyls from the Pebbles, Highs In The Mid Sixties and Back From The Grave series and I can assure you that Peter Maniette's hymns are fresher and more beautiful than most, about, 1.000 that compose the aforementioned compilations.
I hope no one thinks of re-mastering this jewel, because, unfortunately, even the CD reissues of the "Garage Nation" almost always overwhelm the sounds and therefore the musical philosophy of the authors.
These mammoths are truly overwhelming ... like the animals that inspired their name!


rawkin' dog


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  2. Hello digger, a long time that we don't feel, I miss your wonderful vinyl rips and scans. You remember, the term rawkin' dog, you've coined it! Cheers! U

  3. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac (new rip)!bgJViYxS!1ZDwVW2XptGhQKt6st8bj4_RKgArrnD8LrqJCaB-AOA

  4. Fucking love this one. I remember to cry at the 1st time I heard this masterpiece in late-2009. thank you to spread the noise and keep it alive <3

    1. You're welcome!

      I have always owned it and some songs make me cry with joy too!

      Maybe you are interested in:



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