Johnny Winter - The Progressive Blues Experiment (1969 us, astonishing electric blues-rock) vinyl rip, 24-bit lossless

Although his early Columbia albums brought him worldwide stardom, it was this modest little album (first released on Imperial before the Columbia sides) that first brought Johnny Winter to the attention of guitarheads in America. 

It's also Winter at the beginning of a long career, playing the blues as if his life depends on it, without applying a glimmer of rock commercialism. 

The standard classic repertoire here includes "Rollin' and Tumblin'," "I Got Love if You Want It," "Forty-Four," "It's My Own Fault," and "Help Me," with Winter mixing it up with his original Texas trio of Red Turner on drums and Tommy Shannon (later of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble) on bass. A true classic, this is one dirty, dangerous, and visionary album. 

A1. Rollin' and Tumblin' (03:20)
A2. Tribute to Muddy (06:21)
A3. I Got Love If You Want It (03:55)
A4. Bad Luck and Trouble (03:43)
A5. Help Me (03:50)
B1. Mean Town Blues (04:33)
B2. Broke Down Engine (02:51)
B3. Black Cat Bone (03:50)
B4. It's My Own Fault (07:24)
B5. Forty-Four (03:37)


  1. Vinyl rip, Flac 24-bit lossless

    Class Code State Vinyl: VG
    Table: TEAC GF-550USB (stereo amplifier two speakers built with Bass-reflex.)
    Software: audacity / EZ Vinyl/Tape
    Encoding: Flac 96/32-bit floating point

  2. Great. In My opinion it's the best Winter's session.

  3. Good stuff !!!
    Thanks and regards !!!!


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