The Leaving Trains - Well Down Blue Highway - 1984 - vinyl 16-48 - Flac (Enigma Records (3) - 1108-1 - 1986) - garage punk psych masterpiece


A1 Bringing Down The House
A2 Leaving Train
A3 All My Friends
A4 Always Between Wars
A5 You Can't See
A6 I Am In A World Crash With You
A7 March 7th
B1 Hometown Blues
B2 She Knows The Rain
B3 Creeping Coastline Of Lights
B4 Virginia City
B5 Going Down To Town

Another masterpiece of the eighties that has never been reprinted in the following decades. (I have to prepare a list of these unlucky albums). An incendiary mix of garage, punk and psychedelic rock, where the latter reaches stratospheric levels in the last 3 songs of the album, with Going Down To Town closing, an acid ballad of dazzling beauty lasting almost 8 minutes!
On keyboards, alternate Sylvia Juncosa and none other than Chris Cacavas of Green On Red.


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48!O151EZTD!7KphH47UE4UjY1qFpp522DPMvbzMcn4zS8FPBUoJJ48

    1. Excellent album, many thanks for this! :)

    2. Thank you! Can't believe I didn't have this in my collection (apart from a 30 year old cassette tape!

  2. Thanks for the rip and share rawkin' dog

  3. Thank you very much !!

  4. alternative download link!jxphDJJA!j43QkPSmHeLvZ8TeB8FJzNJACLq3z8BYX4AQZc5eI_M


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