The Kliek - Behind Bars - 1990 - Netherlands - Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Grabo Records - GRAB 002-L


A1 Going Too Far 2:26
    Written-By – Jack Sender
A2 I'm Gonna Get That Girl 2:06
    Written-By – Hein van Dongen, Marcel Kruup
A3 Quiet Side Of The Bay 2:51
    Written-By – Robert Müter
A4 I Wonder 2:08
    Written-By – Sid Herring
A5 None Of Your Business 2:18
    Written-By – Gert Veltink
A6 Pushover 1:56
    Written-By – Jimmy Rabbit
B1 Boston 2:02
    Written-By – Gene Clark
B2 Now I Have 1:35
    Written-By – George Kooymans
B3 I Never Told You 2:39
    Written-By – Robert Müter
B4 Today I'm Gay 2:25
    Written-By – Tjibbe Veeloo
B5 You're The Only World I Know 2:29
    Written-By – Marcel Kruup
B6 I'm Never Coming Back 1:46
    Written-By – Chris Curtis, Mike Pender
B7 Leave My House 2:37
    Written-By – The Modds

The Kliek, a fantastic dutch garage / beat band from 1987 to 1996, has given us fifty songs of excellent quality with many masterpieces of the musical genre to which they belong. Here you can find their biography: [].
Of them I own only the vinyl of Feel Good of 1993 and this jewel composed of 13 funniest songs, where they alternate original composed by the band and covers performed with extreme skill, but I think sooner or later I will order all the missing discography.
Another magnificent band that deserved greater fame!

Join the clique! - Word lid van de kliek!

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