The Litter - Emerge - 1969 (2 bonus never in any other way) - US - Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock - VINYL 16-48 - Flac - Big Beat Records - WIK 68 - 1988


A1 Journeys 2:14
Written-By – Mark Gallagher, Ray Melina
A2 Feeling 2:51
Written-By – Jim Kane (2), Mark Gallagher, Tom Murray (3)
A3 Silly People 3:33
Written-By – Jim Kane (2), Mark Gallagher, Ray Melina, Tom Murray (3)
A4 Blue Ice 3:11
Written-By – Jim Kane (2), Tom Murray (3)
A5 For What It's Worth 5:20
Written-By – Stephen Stills
Bonus Tracks  
A6 On Our Minds 2:16
Written-By – Mark Gallagher, Sean Jones
A7 Lucky 2:11
B1 Little Red Book 3:31
Written-By – Bacharach And David
B2 Breakfast At Gardenson's 3:01
Written-By – Ray Melina
B3 Future Of The Past 12:37
Written-By – Jim Kane (2)
Bonus Track
B4 Stealing My Heart 2:35

This album certainly does not need presentations, for me a great masterpiece, perhaps the first released, of psych hard prog. I've decided to post only vinyls ever released in CD format with some exceptions, and this is a case because besides On Our Minds, already known for being included in some reprints, it contains 2 more bonus tracks (thanks to Big Beat Records, very great british label), which in the various digital reprints have never been included, and which do not disfigure to compare with the majesty of the original work.

Not to be missed!

rawkin 'dog


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