The Unclaimed - The Unclaimed [as-knew-as] Primordial Ooze Flavored - 1983 - Resonance (2) 33-8707 - 1987 - vinyl 16-48 - Flac

This Unclaimed mini album, together with Here Are The Chesterfield Kings and Frustration of Plan 9, are the three basic works to start a garage discography of the eighties, which, with few exceptions, I consider to be better than the classic one of the sixties. Six songs, just seventeen minutes, are enough to catapult the band at the Rock of the Rock with the capital R.


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48!74xxQBzZ!GeL1BUYqkoGLpMgTGkpX5KFrzmQg1Bv0LismH9vKuiA


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