The Alley Cats - Escape From The Planet Earth - 1982 - US - Punk - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - MCA Records - MCA 5333 - Vinyl 16-48 - Flac


A1 - The Alley Cats (2) – Escape From The Planet Earth 3:11
A2 - The Alley Cats (2) – It Only Hurts The First Time 3:21
A3 - The Alley Cats (2) – Breath Of The Barfly 3:27
A4 - The Alley Cats (2) – Bitter Fruit 2:37
A5 - The Alley Cats (2) – Waiting For The Buzz 3:24
B1 - The Alley Cats (2) – Night Of The Living Dead 4:08
B2 - The Alley Cats (2) – Naked Souls 2:53
B3 - The Alley Cats (2) – The Hotel 4:04
B4 - The Alley Cats (2) – After The Funeral 3:18
B5 - The Alley Cats (2) – Just An Alley Cat 3:29

The Californian punk is what I prefer and this, together with Mommy's Little Monster of Social Distortion, is perhaps the best product. A vinyl I have been holding for nearly 30 years and is part of my DNA from the first listening! Ten masterpieces to be handed down to posterity, all traces are excellent. If I'm not mistaken ... it never came out in CD format and I've never seen it on the lossless network, so I think that kind of fans will be happy with it.
Dedicated to Federico Guglielmi, who loves The Alley Cats at least as I love them.
Dig it!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48!S1QVUQwB!59DYbX9E3C-lEPQPQ9IpEfxtd4RXTraMWrpi9K4SKP4

    1. This file is corrupt,error...thanks

    2. Hi fantasy;

      the download link is ok, completely copy the link and paste to download. After 99% of downloaded the file wait for the download to finish, and it will be done! File ok!


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    1. Dear Nel, it is impossible to unpack the rar file! You can do something? Many Thanks!

    2. Hi witold, I tried to download it and it works properly, maybe something happened during the download, I suggest you do another try, let me know. Thanks

    3. Dear Rawkin'dog,
      I managed to unpack the rar file with xrecode. With 7zip it was impossible. Many Thanks!

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  3. new rip - new link


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