Always August - Black Pyramid - 1986 SST Records - SST 078 - vinyl 16-48 - Flac

Always August, a mysterious band despite being part of SST Records, author of 2 albums, Black Pyramid in 1986 and Largeness With (W) Holes in 1987 (their only work in CD format) and a mini lp, Geography. in 1988, all really fascinating, were inexplicably previously underestimated and then forgotten by everyone. A psychedelic sound sometimes jazzed with glances at the new age, we may call it kaleidoscopic.
To listen carefully, possibly in headphones to enjoy it completely, There are some minor defects that I could not fix, but even a vinyl is never perfect. sorry ... I personally judge it a small / great masterpiece
rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip 16-48!nwwnXKDY!Nj8SBPQZ639fmhlF9-8s_7fON0qj2N3dMqfy7dwStas

  2. First time I see this in a blog. They really were a superb and original band. And they remains obscure. Do you have other records of them? Thanks.

  3. Yes, I also have the other 2 albums, the mini Geography will post it after the Christmas holidays, along with other requests like The Laughing Soap Dish - Under The Overground - 1990, Pikes In Panic - Keep It Cool And Dry - 1987, The Event - This Is The Event - 1989 and The Thanes - Thanes Of Cawdor - 1987

  4. WOW! Thank you for your kind answer. The Laughing Soup Dish were a superb band as well, with a personal and unique sound. Your blog is really great. Keep up the good job. Cheers.

  5. It's a pleasure to share when the comments are so enthusiastic!


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