Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Entradas E Bandeiras (1976 brazilian, superb hard/psychedelic pop-rock) Flac

Straight-ahead '70s rock, with plenty of goofy electric keyboard riffs (lifted directly from Keith Emerson...) and crisp guitar riffs. This is as good as most of the English-language commercial rock coming out around the same time... Which is to say, some folks will find it awful, and others will find it amazing. 

Interesting to hear stadium rock being made at this high a level in mid-'70s Brazil -- it sounds kind of like latter-day Pretty Things, only sung in Portuguese, and by a girl singer. At least she hadn't gone disco yet!

Tutti Frutti was a Brazilian group band best known for their work backing Rita Lee in her mid-1970s, post-Os Mutantes days. They also recorded one "solo" album as a band, and some members did session work here and there. 


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