The Lemon Dips - Who's Gonna Buy ? (1969 uk, amazing psychedelic/pop rock) vinyl rip, AIFF lossless

Thanks to "Anatoly"
This is something known as a sound library recording. These were mostly a British phenomenon, where a recording studio would record a hired band to record songs for a collection, which was then pressed on to vinyl in extremely limited quantities, and intended for license to video producers to use as sound track and/or incidental music for TV and movies.

The libraries usually had many different styles on hand, and included a few psychedelic and underground rock titles. These are almost all hideously rare nowadays, and are known to most collectors only through the books that they read about their hobby, and the occasional benevolent collector who allows his copy to be bootlegged. 

The artists that recorded these albums were usually assigned an arbitrary name of the producer's choosing - their real identities purposefully masked, and sometimes with the band's consent as well. So imagine my surprise to find this gem sitting in a seller's list just waiting to be plucked. 

Heaven knows who these guys really were, but i must admit they sure have elements of late 60's era Deep Purple. Style-wise, this is solid, British flavored psych/hard rock with some prog elements mostly via use of Hammond organ. 

The guitar also uses fuzz/wah to good effect here and there as well. They include some blues material in their repertoire too. Side A is all vocal tracks, while side B is instrumental, with several of the tracks from side A  repeated, minus the vocals. I didn't hear a weak track in the bunch, and most are good ~ great. Well worth investigating if the genre is your thing. Great performance and songwriting. rare but very inspiring. a must listen.


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