Love - Love Live (1982 us, brilliant classic/psychedelic rock) vinyl rip, Flac

Thanks to original uploader: "Ugo"
Signed to Elektra records along with the Doors (who were influenced by them in their early days), Love were the kings of the Los Angeles psychedelic rock scene during the late sixties period - the "Forever Changes" album (1967) is regarded as one the greatest rock albums of all time. 

Arthur Lee continued to make music under the name Love after the original line-up split in early 1968, as well as working on solo material. 
He spent his last years touring the Forever Changes album with a new backing band following his release from prison in 2001. 

Arthur Lee died peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, a little after four in the afternoon Aug 3, 2006 with his wife Diane by his side. He was 61 years old. 

Lee was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Several recent benefit concerts, including one at New York City's Beacon Theater featuring Robert Plant, Yo La Tengo, and Ryan Adams, among others, raised money to help pay Lee's medical expenses.


  1. Vinyl rip 16/44 Flac

  2. Thanks for Ugo and you to upload this live recording from this great band.Not so much live records from them.

  3. always looking- within Love elitist collectors it is said their exists live recordings of the original band Love at the Whiskey in L.A. from 1966-67 it never hurts to ask!

  4. here's new rip & new link:


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