Beggars Banquet - Hard Treatment (1976 japan, stupendous hard/heavy psychedelic/garage rock) vinyl rip AIFF lossless

Thanks to original uploader: "Anatoly Kurnikov"
Hard Treatment (1976), private press LP japanese hard/heavy/psychedelic rock. Produced by Aida Aquirax (Akira Aida).

Junkie drenched hard rock'n'roll like Murahachibu or Gedo. Listed at page 119 of Hans Pokora's "Record Collector Dreams 7001".

01. The Stupid (Theme Of Beggars Banquet)
02. Last Time Follie
03. Touch of Evil
04. Hard Treatment
05. Lewed Woman
06. Ballad for The Ruins
07. Angel of Sorrow (Crying Dancer)
08. Rock'n'Roll Freak Boogie
09. Silly Town, Silly People
10. Crazy Life Forever


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