Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden of the Cancer Moon (1968 us, superb psychedelic/blues rock) vinyl rip, Flac

"Thanks to original uploader: Ugo"
If you were going to go out with the mind to listen to some west coast blues rock that was all the rage back in the day, this was the band to hear, and this was the night(s) to hear them.  A perfect encapsulation of the period and place. (Newarkpsych)

1/1Quicksilver Messenger Service-Back Door Man
1/2Quicksilver Messenger Service-Codine
1/3Quicksilver Messenger Service-Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona
2/1Quicksilver Messenger Service-Gold And Silver
2/2Quicksilver Messenger Service-Smokestack Lightning
3/1Quicksilver Messenger Service-Light Your Windows
3/2Quicksilver Messenger Service-Dino's Song
3/3Quicksilver Messenger Service-The Fool
4/1Quicksilver Messenger Service-Who Do You Love
4/2Quicksilver Messenger Service-Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona


  1. Vinyl rip, Flac


    1. Wonderful blog!!! Congratulations!! I'm searching for New Year's Eve 67-68 by Quicksilver Messenger Service .. Can you help me please? Thanks alot in advance, my friend
      Andy66 from Italy

    2. Cheers Andy66;
      I can get it only in Mp3 @320, interested?

  2. My dear friend!
    Thank you very much !!
    Best wishes

  3. This magnificent double album is one of the best products by the west coast trimurti (QMS, Airplane & Dead) and, compared to Happy Trails, also contains tracks from the first album that I consider to be one of the best all-time albums, an indescribable feeling at the level , with other musical contents, of The Hour Glass. Highly recommended! Thank to Nel, Ugo and the rawkin' dog :-)

  4. Missed that when released so, a big thanks for the share to Nel the wizard and Ugo the rawkin' dog.

  5. no, unfortunately not, my world is vinyl, but you find a bootleg similar to guitars101, the sound is not so bad and they are part of my heart and my DNA, thanks for the tip! And for the blog!
    Saluti da Bolzano, aria da neve da queste parti ... Ugo

  6. A clarification: the Discogs notes are incorrect ...

    Discogs says: This album was released on CD in 1999 as CD1 of The Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold And Silver.

    Instead it lacks the last song (D2), almost 12'00 "acidrock) and the applauses and voices of the components are missing, very serious that at the end of Who Do You Love, they cut when John says he needs a guitars because the strings exploded, exciting!

    Same inconsistencies were made on the unofficial reissue on CD.

    My NEW rip sounds really good, not to be missed ...

  7. new link: https://bordeldorock.blogspot.com/2021/06/quicksilver-messenger-service-maiden-of.html


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