Phantom - The Lost Album (1973 us, great psychedelic rock - vinyl rip - ) Flac

Thanks to original uploader: "Ugo"
Originally known as Walpurgis, just think The Doors with a much heavier sound and a more polished singer and you have their first album "Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1".

Walpurgis was the official name of the band for years and they came from Detroit. They played all over Michigan, Ohio, and Canada. They were recording their first LP in New York in 1974 under that name before the big hiatus happened, leaving no choice but let Capitol Records redo the LP, take control, and change the name to Phantom's Divine Comedy. The members of the band were John Bdanjeck, Tom Carson, Dennis Craner,Mike DeMartino, and Gary Meisner .

"The Lost Album" is supposed to have been recorded in Los Angeles and predates the official Phantom's Divine Comedy release. The album contains previously unreleased material. Musically it's similar to their first effort.


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