The Savage Resurrection - The Savage Resurrection (1968 us, fantastic psychedelic rock - 03 bonus tracks) Flac

Founded in 1967, the group was signed to Mercury Records, on which they released their eponymous debut in 1968. Their album was produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh who is famous with his work with the band Blue Cheer andHarvey Mandel. Their sound was close to groups such as Love and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.Singer Bill Harper and bassist Steve Lage quit the band shortly thereafter, leading to the demise of the group. The band continued on touring until late 1968 and then disbanded.

Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond has cited the Savage Resurrection as one of his biggest influences and, in October 2008, performed a live set with guitarist Randy Hammon. There was some suspicion that Randy Hammon was actually Randy Holden due to some citing that was done in Joe Carducci's book, The Pop Narcotic; this seems to be a misconception.

Post 1968

Bill Harper went on to write and perform, notably appearing on an LP and several singles with The Stepford Husbands in the early '80s. Jeff Myer recorded and toured extensively throughout the '70s and '80s with Van Morrison,Jesse Colin Young, Janis Ian, Tom Fogerty, Terry and The Pirates (with Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, and Greg Douglass), and reggae band The Edge (with the Rowan brothers). Former band member Steve Lage, who was born Stephen Allen Lage on August 15, 1947, died on July 25, 2010 in Oakland, California.

Present day

A version of The Savage Resurrection has been performing since 2007. It features original members Bill Harper, Randy Hammon, and Jeff Myer, joined by Mike Stever on bass and Cliff Moser on guitar.
01. Thing In E
02. Every Little Song
03. Talking To You
04. Tahitian Melody
05. Jammin'
06. Fox Is Sick
07. Someone's Changing
08. Remlap's Cave Part II
09. Appeal To The Happy
10. Expectations
11. Thing In E (unissued rehearsal recording)
12. Tahitian Melody (unissued rehearsal recording)
13. River Deep Mountain High (unissued rehearsal recording)


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