Phafner - Overdrive (1971 us, great hard/psychedelic blues-rock - Akarma reissue, 2 bonus) vinyl rip, Flac 24-bit

This band formed in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1969 playing a form of hard-edged, drug-induced rock'n'roll. Their album was recorded in a basement studio in 1971 and just 50 copies were pressed on the Dragon label. 

In 1972 they recorded some rough cuts for what was to be their second album, Meathook. Sadly the band fell apart before the album was completed but two of these previously unreleased tracks, Breakdown and Cat Black Claw, can now be heard on the Rockadelic retrospective album - which is not a straightforward reissue of Overdrive, as it omits some of the original material. 

Overdrive features some pretty fine and varied guitar work. The opening cut, Plea From The Soul, has lots of fuzz and mouth harp; Uncle Jerry and Rock n Roll Man feature breckneck guitar work whilst by contrast Whiskey Had My Woman is slower and bluesy.
A1   Overdrive   
A2   Rock And Roll Man   
A3   Red Thumb   
A4   Bluegrass   
B1   Plea From The Soul   
B2   Whiskey Took My Woman   
B3   Wash My Dishes   
B4   Uncle Jerry


  1. Thank you very much !!!!!!
    Good stuff !!

    1. Vinyl rip, Flac, encoding: Flac 96/32-bit floating point


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