Mike Hart – Mike Hart Bleeds (1969 uk, superb psychedelic/folk blues-rock, japanese reissue) Flac

Hart led the respected Liverpool R&B group, the Roadrunners, before enjoying spells in less-stellar units, the Richmond Group and Henry’s Handful prior to joining the Liverpool Scene, which he abandoned in 1970. The group had been championed by influential disc jockey John Peel, who then signed this excellent singer/guitarist to his fledgling Dandelion label.

Mike Hart Bleeds took full advantage of the company’s avowed policy of artistic freedom, and the performer’s sense of irony and urgency resulted in a compulsive set. He performed with his band Business, at this time. Basher, Chalky, Pongo And Me, invoked the mock-heroism of boys’ comics and showed Hart’s customary incisiveness. Sadly, neither album was a commercial success and the artist later rejoined the Liverpool Scene for a 1974 reunion.
01. Yawny Morning Song (Mike Hart) 2:45 
02. Shelter Song (Mike Hart) 3:41 
03. The Ring Song (Mike Hart) 4:45 
04. Please Bring Back the Birch for the Milkman (Mike Hart) 2:08 
05. Arty's Wife (Mike Hart) 4:39 
06. Disbelief Blues (Mike Hart) 4:53 
07. Aberfan (Mike Hart) 2:17 
08. Dance Mr. Morning Man (Mike Hart) 5:41 
09. Almost Liverpool 8 (Mike Hart) 4:45 


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