Wild Turkey - Battle Hymn (1971 uk, fantastic hard/progressive rock, 2004 reissue, 02 bonus) Flac

Reportedly fired by Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull for his hard partying life style, multi-instrumentalist Glenn Cornick wasted little time forming Wild Turkey.  The original line-up featured lead guitarist Alan Lewis, former Eyes of Blue lead singer Gary Pickford-Hopkins, ex-Pete Brown & Piblokto drummer John Weathers, and rhythm guitarist Graham Williams.   Unfortunately before the band recorded any material Weathers and Williams left to join Graham Bond's Magick.  Williams then moving on to join Gentle Giant.   They were quickly replaced by singer/guitarist Jon Blackmore and former Man drummer Jeff Jones.

Recorded at Paris' Olympic Studios with Roger Bain producing, 1971's "Battle Hymn" was seemingly a concept piece with an anti-war plotline running through the set.   If it was, I'll readily admit the plotline was lost on my ears, though the packaging and song titles all seem to support the anti-war contention.  

Musically it wasn't the most original set I've ever heard.   Tracks like 'To the Stars' and the title track seemed to sport a pseudo-Jethro Tull kind of sound.  If you were a Tull fan, you were probably okay with it.  If you weren't ...   Elsewhere 'Dulwich Fox' and 'Sanctuary' reflected an English folk-rock vibe.  Imagine Fairport Convention if they'd decided to go for a heavier rock sound.  It was one of those album's that didn't make a big initial impact on me, but which has gotten better and better the more I listen to it.  Interestingly the band were reportedly less than thrilled with producer Bain's work.  

Hardly a massive seller, but touring the States as an opening act for Black Sabbath and then Yes, the album  managed to chart in the States, peaking at # 193.


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  3. Interesting to see this album turning up....saw this group in 1971 and never did get the record....what I most remember is that Glen Cornick wore a headband!


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