Fenner, Leland & O'Brien - Somewhere, Someday, Somehow (1969 us, brilliant psychedelic/folk rock - vinyl rip) AIFF lossless

Thanks to original uploader: Anatoly Kurnikov
 Unknown LP's from 1969 (50 and 250 original LP copies, respectively): Peace In Our Time + Somewhere, Someday, Somehow. These were originally issued on the RPC Vanity label. Stunning LP's filled with that broken dreamer vibe, where youthful idealism and naivete met the cold facts of Vietnam and the government's 'true intentions'. 

The resulting sound is somewhat akin to some of Bryan MacLean's work with LOVE and Crosby's Wooden Ships, yet this music is all their own. Some excellent fuzz on a couple tracks, and hailed by all who have heard it. Original copies sell for seriously lofty amounts!

A1. Childre
A2. Uncle America
A3. Dirge
A4. You Can't Deceive The Rain
A5. High And Dry
A6. Double Image
A7. Come Hell Or High Water
B1. Song Of Love Overture
B2. Hey Mister
B3. I Cry Alone
B4. Death Of Maple Avenue
B5. Where's My Life Going
B6. Virgin
B7. And To All
B8. Epoch







  1. Vinyl rip, AIFF lossless format, 16/44100 Hz


  2. Thank you, NelWizard, for this rarity!

  3. thanks again beautiful shit! Marc


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