The Survival - La Onda De The Survival (1971 mexican, awesome acid/garage/psychedelic blues-rock - vinyl rip) Flac


Master-tape reissue of this super rare Mexican heavy psych album from 1971, filled with wah-wah guitar, ripping fuzz and primitive effects. Rated 5 stars In Hans Pokora's book "3001 Record Collector Dreams".
Bluesy acid psych with a typical Mexican '60's sound, The Survival specialized in acid blues rock  with a sound that ranges from a loose, wigged out psyche blues approach to tighter and faster groove – still informed by electric blues, but tricked out with fuzz and wah wah. A nice mix of raw production and expansive inspiration! 
They formed in the 1960's; because they went through so many lineup changes, they eventually took the group name "Survival"! With Swiss born Luscher Andrés Fontana on drums and vocals; Joaquin Ramos on lead guitar; Luis Ramirez on bass; and Oscar Vazquez on rhythm guitar, Survival released their first and only album in 1971.
It was influenced by West Coast psych rock and the British Blues—sort of a combination of Country Joe and the Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Ten Years After. They sing in heavily accented English, and it's a worthwhile discovery. Includes "Old People", "The World Is A Bomb", "What The World Need Is Union", "Electric Chair", "Canabis Lady", "Useless Warefare" and more. The group soon split, and the only evidence of their existence of this masterpiece of Mexican psychdelia.
A1. Old People 5:45
A2. The World Is A Bomb 2:29
A3. What The World Need Is Union 2:09
A4. Inspiration Blues 3:14
A5. Electric Chair 2:00
B1. Ending Blues 5:58
B2. Disturbance 2:46
B3. Canabis Lady 2:29
B4. Nothings Monumet 3:33
B5. Useless Warefare 3:07


  1. Flac, vinyl rip: (Thanks "Ugo")!MgwDmIyL!UclwYlq_kSC8KCxGYKAjiERE3R3TmOrJYdsKd7S5NtI

  2. WOW!!!! I really enjoyed in this one!!! Great music, if you have more of this kind I would be most grateful if you share it.
    Thynk you again, you made my day....

  3. Thank U Nel & Ugo,another stunning and rarity Lp from Mexico.I am astonish to discover good groups as many coming from Mexico.

  4. for new rip and new link:


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