Máquina! - Lets Get Smashed (2010 spanish, fantastic progressive/psychedelic blues-rock - Singles compilation) Flac

Stunning compilation with all the singles by Barcelona's legendary psychedelic- progressive group including potential hits such as 'Lands of perfection', 'Let's get smashed' or 'Look away our happiness'. 

Founded by Jordi Batiste (bass, flute), Enric Herrera (organ), Lluís "Luigi" Cabanach (guitar), and Santiago "Jackie" García Cortés (drums) as Sisa's backing band, "Máquina!" is maybe the very first underground rock group to have recorded in Franco’s Spain, their first single dating back to early 1969. 

Their first LP in 1970 had striking artwork depicting a clock coming out from a croissant, meaning that it was time to wake-up in Spain: The album was called "Why? Máquina!" and it was clearly so rebellious under a dictatorship that fellow group "Tapiman" (founded by ex-Máquina drummer J. Mª Vilaseca, "Tapi", and Barcelona crosstown rivals/friends) answered them with a track called "Don’t Ask Why". 

The five-piece group developed a high-energy Hammond-driven psych/prog rock with two lead guitarists, with many extraordinary musical moments given the context of those years. 

Two years later, the band recorded with a different line-up (both guitarists having left, and including Carles Benavent on bass). It was a live album with a much different bluesier sound complete with a brass section (and almost all new material) reminiscent of Chicago Transit Authority.


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