Paul Brett's Sage - Schizophrenia (1972 uk, superb psychedelic/folk/country-rock - Esoteric reissue) Flac

Paul Brett Sage's second full-length, Jubilation Foundry, was a rocking affair that danced delightfully from rock's roots in blues and R&B to its many contemporary nooks and crannies. With their follow-up, 1972's Schizophrenia, PBS dove into the harder side of rock, quite a feat for a group that featured a plethora of percussion but no drummer; although one was brought in for the driving "Slow Down Ma!." But as "Custom Angel Man" proved, Sage could rock like a Band of Gypsies even without one. 

However, it was Southern rockers and jam bands that were the group's strongest influences, and on "Charlene" they bring the two together. Imagine the Allmans fronting the Band to get the idea. The instrumental "Limp Willie," in contrast, features great dueling acoustic guitars, until the song flops over into Grateful Dead territory. "Take Me Back I Will Love You" sounds just like Pink Floyd, minus all their pomposity and self-indulgence, and is one of the album highlights. 

And there's plenty more of those within, from the gorgeous harmonies and acoustic guitars that stream across "Savior of the World" and "Tale of a Rainy Night" to the bluesy show-stopper "Make It Over." But as far afield as PBS seemed to have wandered from their folkie roots and for all their use of electric guitars, the many acoustic elements that initially defined their sound remain, giving the band and this set a sound entirely unlike anything else from the time. 

Routinely labeled acid folk and progressive rock, in fact, Sage were pop/rockers working in a thoroughly unique medium, creating a sound that still thrills today.
01. Custom Angel Man (Paul Brett) - 2:33
02. Charlene (John Hutcheson) - 3:03
03. Song Of Life - Song Of Death (John Hutcheson) - 2:43
04. Slow Down Ma! (John Hutcheson) - 2:56
05. Saviour Of The World (John Hutcheson) - 3:37
06. Limp Willie (Paul Brett, Bob Voice, Dick Dufall, Stuart Cowell) - 1:38
07. Tale Of A Rainy Night (Paul Brett) - 3:00
08. Take Me Back And I Will Love You (John Hutcheson) - 4:10
09. Autumn (Paul Brett) - 4:42
10. Make It Over (Goddard, Philips) - 3:08
11. Bee (Paul Brett) - 0:51
12. Dahlia (single A-side,1972) (Paul Brett) - 4:08

- Paul Brett - lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, arranger, producer
- Stuart Cowell - electric guitar
- Dick Dufall - bass, vocals
- Bob Voice - percussion, vocals
- Dave Lambert - piano (01), organ (05,08,10)
- Rod Coomes - drums (04)
- Rob Young - piano (04), flute (09), oboe (09)


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