Jasper - Liberation (1969 uk, brilliant psychedelic/progressive blues-rock, Japan reissue, remastered, papersleeve) Flac

In the crowded underbrush of the late sixties British psych blues scene Jasper was definitely at the head of its class. 

The quintet's personalized blues style, with Steve Radford's excellent lead-guitar lighting the way (punctuated also by their keen use of flute and harpsichord) is well expressed in the inspired version of 'Baby Please Don't Go' and 'Ain't no Peace'. Unfortunately soon after the release of their rare l969 debut album Liberation the group disbanded and disappeared from the scene...

There's John Mayall-styled blues-rock ("Ain't No Peace," "Confusion"), Colosseum like jazz blues rock ("Baby Please Don't Go," "The Beard"), rambling morbid bluesy instrumental jamming (including a six-minute wordless version of "St. Louis Blues" with hauntingly sad harmonica), and a Baroque-psychedelic arrangement of Donovan's "Cuttin' Out."...

Brilliant 1969 UK progressive psych with a blues feel. Don't let that put you off though — early Jethro Tull had a blues edge and this album is very similar in feel to that band. Definitely a classic of the era. Features superb psych artwork. 
Above album was originally released on Spark Rec. Not too much is known about the band. 

01. Liberation I /Written-By – A. Feldman/ (3:47)
02. Ain't No Peace /Written-By – N. Payn, S. Radford/ (2:56)
03. Baby Please Don't Go /Written-By – J. Williams/ (7:18)
04. Shelagh /Written By – Hozier/Dolland/ (2:24)
05. Liberation Interlude /Written-By – A. Feldman/ (1:15)
06. Liberation Interlude /Written-By – A. Feldman/ (0:33)
07. Confusion /Written-By – J. Taylor, N. Payn/ (2:29)
08. St. Louis Blues /Written-By – W. C. Handy/ (6:32)
09. Cuttin' Out /Written-By – D. Leitch/ (2:42)
10. The Beard /Written-By – A. Feldman/ (3:49)
11. Liberation II /Written-By – A. Feldman/ (3:08)
12. Finale /Written-By – G. Greenwood, J. Taylor, S. Radford/ (0:48)


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