The Pink Fairies - Do It! (1969-1971 uk, rare live [Glastonbury Fayre] and studio recordings {Color vinyl} Flac 24-bit

The back of this album contains a reproduction for the White Panther Party U.K. Place any of the first tracks from this compilation next to anything of the White Panther MC5's Kick Out the Jams and you find the material uniquely mated for message and visceral rock energy.

 This compendium of live recordings from 1969-1971 includes two versions of "Do It!," covered by Henry Rollins on his first solo album. While these '60s superstars played as part of huge, outdoor festivals, the Pink Fairies denied all pretense and jammed outside, entertaining for free. Twink (ex-Pretty Things), drummer and vocalist for this most idealistic of the era's hard rock acts, wrote liner notes for this album chronicling the hippie philosophy of this time period and its decline on many levels.

Another highly comprehensive compilation by the Pink Fairies. One thing I like about this disc is that you get three 'live' songs from the famed Glastonbury Fayre, which are "Do It", "Mexican Grass War" and the band's signature tune "Uncle Harry's Last Freakout". Also liked "The Snake", as this live version was recorded at another outdoor bash, the Weeley Festival. 
A1. Do It! (2:59)
A2. Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box (4:27)
A3. The Sparrow Is A Sign (2:23)
A4. The Snake (7:03)
A5. Three Fifths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (3:53)
B1. Mexican Grass War (1:43)
B2. Uncle Harry's Last Freak-out (19:22)

Tracks A2, A3, B1 from the album 'Think Pink'. 
Tracks A4, A5 from a radio session in 1970. 
Track B2 live at Glastonbury Fayre 1971. 
Track A1 is a 1970 demo version.


  1. Class Code State Vinyl: Near Mint
    Encoding: Flac 96/32-bit floating point!dsZUQTCK!Puk8HzKSvVzN8njuoT_J_riiPtdfcIWLbU-0evqu-Fk

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