Tam White - Tam White (1970 scottish, fantastic psychedelic folk/soul rock - vinyl rip) Flac 24-bit

This is the first LP by Tam White, born Thomas Bennett Sim White, in Edinburgh on the 12th July, 1942.

To the world at large Edinburgh is an elegant grey stone city, one of the show-places of Britain. And the world comes every year to its Festival to see the castle, art galleries and shops and hear music at Usher Hall. But a wind cuts down from the First of Forth like an open razor and life away from the grand houses and squares can be extra rough and tough. And there was no street tougher than the Grass Market, where Tam spent his childhood.

Tam went to school past five Rowton Houses. He saw constant street brawls and also was familiar with the dodges of meths drinkers who, for an extra lift when times were bad, would bubble gas from street-lights into a milkbottle full of water. And drink it.

Tam was expelled from school at 15 for fighting. Became an apprentice stone mason and served his term up to the age of 20. So by the time he decided to chance a singing career he had become a man.

Tam is the nearest thing that the British Isles can produce to a natural soul singer. His voice comes up from the dephts of a hard barrel chest: he can roar, growl, cajole or whisper.

For a while he fronted a group playing around Scotland called "The Boston Dexters"; he was spotted and brought by a major label down to London. Eight singles dropped like stones into the competitive world of hopeful solo acts. Possibly because Tam is that rare talent--an artist who can do too many things too well: so an LP is the only way to present him to advantage.

Middle Earth Records are rather knocked out with this album. Mike Batt's arrangements provide a fine showcase for all facets of Tam's talent. And these facets including his impressive role as Tam the song-writer in the case of "Pinkhill Station" (a station near Edinburgh's Zoo, hence the bull-seal) and "Lewis Carroll".

The Album also reintroduces the song-writing of Donald Cameron, who contributed "Cath" and "Plasma Mountain Woman" (he had already written "Lucifer Corpus" for "Writing on the Wall").
A1 I Am A Rock (Written-By – Paul Simon) 2:53
A2 Plasma Mountain Morning (Written-By – Donald Cameron) 3:14
A3 Early Morning Rain (Written-By – Gordon Lightfoot) 3:04
A4 Pinkhill Station (Written-By – Tom White) 3:03
A5 Little Wheel Spin And Spin (Written-By – Buffy Sainte Marie)2:47
A6 Painting (Written-By – Tom White) 1:44
B1 Lewis Carroll Tells Lies (Written-By – Tom White) 3:01
B2 Ruby Tuesday (Written-By – Jagger, Richards) 4:23
B3 Future Thoughts (Written-By – Tom White) 4:17
B4 Ladies Of Monte Maria (Written By – Jones, Stone) 2:43
B5 Cath (Written-By – Donald Cameron) 2:35
Class Code State Vinyl: VG
Table: TEAC GF-550USB (stereo amplifier two speakers built with Bass-reflex.)
Software: audacity / EZ Vinyl/Tape
Encoding: Flac 96/32-bit floating point


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    1. Class Code State Vinyl: VG
      Encoding: Flac 96/32-bit floating point


  2. Saw him live once - very impressive. Been searching for this for years. Many thanks!
    From Mr Pinkwhistle

  3. Wow - Many thanks, I've been looking for this for years!


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