Peso - Em Busca Do Tempo Perdido (1975 brazilian, great hard/psychedelic rock) bonus, Flac

One of the great Brazilian rock bands of the 70s had a meteoric career, but left longing and especially the feeling of honest music and with much feeling. 

It all started in 1972 when Luiz Carlos Porto (voice) and a friend named Anthony Fernando Gordo, composed several songs, and, among them, chose "The Card" to be presented at festivals. 

One of these festivals was the VII International Song Festival in Rio de Janeiro, the same as found Raul with "Let Me Sing, Let Me Sing" where Mutantes made their final presentation with Rita Lee playing "Have a Hug for Old" and Sergio Sampaio spawned "I Want is Discard My Block in the Street", all tracks that can be conferred on rare vinyl festival. 

In 1974, Porto returned to Rio, and this time starts looking for people to form a band along the lines of Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The first LP in 1975 the "Em Busca Do Tempo Perdido" (In Search of Lost Time), a masterpiece of the national Brazilian rock. 

01. Sou Louco Por Voce 3:50 
02. Nao Fique Triste 2:55 
03. Me Chama De Amor 6:21 
04. Só Agora (Estou Amando) 3:48 
05. Eu Nao Sei De Nada 6:20 
06. Blues 6:51 
07. Lucifer 3:27 
08. Boca Loca 3:33 
09. Cabeça Feita (Guilherme Lamounier/Tibério Gaspar) 3:57 
10. Em Busca Do Tempo Perdido 4:04 
11. Pente (Luis Carlos Pôrto/Fernando Vale) 3:12 
Luis Carlos Pôrto – vocals 
Gabriel O’Meara – guitar, viola 
Carlinhos Scart – bass 
Geraldo D’Arbilly – drums 
Constant Piapineanu – piano, 12 strings viola (2), organ, guitar (4) 
Os Meninos De Deus – choir (3) 
José Roberto Bertrami – synthesizer (3) 
Zé Da Gaita – harmonica (4, 6) 
Carlos Garça – drums (5) 
Tony – vocals (5) 
Ariovaldo – percussion (6) 
Carlinhos, Gengibre & Geraldo – percussion (7) 


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