Zipper - Zipper (1974 us, great hard/garage rock) vinyl/CD rip, Flac

Thank you so much to original vinyl ripper: "UGO"

Formed in 1973, Zipper was the first band to release an album (simply called 'Zipper') on Fred and Toody's newly started Whizeagle Records label in 1974. It's basically heavy rock with Led Zep-overtones, raw and rocking. The album, quite rare in its original form now, was re-released in 1994 as an LP/CD with two additional tracks. There were other early seventies bands Fred was in, like Albatross, but so far no recordings have surfaced.

Screw the American Idol aesthetic, Fred Cole’s ragged pipes are among the world’s most heavenly despite what many naysayers have to say (the same people probably hate Ron House and Jad Fair too). 

Cole’s current trio Dead Moon continue to thunder around since the 80’s, and while they got left behind in the big green Northwest Grunge cash-in, you would no doubt have seen Mark Arm, Kurt Cobain, and Eddie Vedder all worshipping at Big Fred’s altar at various DM gigs. 

The recent Dead Moon biopic is truly inspiring, not just for the fact they are rockin’ grandparents still doing it, but for their conviction to the whole DIY-ethic, building their own house, studio, guitars, and even vinyl-press while fearlessly rocking the world as only they know how. Before Dead Moon, Cole was in the Rats, and before that (but after his very Arthur Lee-inspired group the Lollipop Shoppe) came the band Zipper, circa 1975 but recently in WFMU’s new bin. 

Needless to say, those with low tolerance for total dude rockist lyrics won’t be amused (some of this stuff would make Jim Dandy do a double-take maybe), but this is righteous rock to the max, full of chunky, proto-punk riffery and blowout solos that never stray too far from a punk aesthetic despite the cock-rockery leanings.
01 - Bullets (3:24)
02 - Born Yesterday (4:07)
03 - The Same Old Song (3:19)
04 - Face Of Stone (5:19)
05 - Ballbustin Woman (3:02)
06 - Scars (3:20)
07 - Rollin And Tumblin (2:44)
08 - Worry Kills A Woman (3:44)
09 - Let It Freeze (3:38)
10 - Behind The Door (3:36)
11 - Racing For A Dollar (2:38)

Fred Cole - Vocals;
Lorry Erk - Drums;
Jim Roos - Guitar;
Greg Shadoan - Bass.


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    Password: pisistrate_nelson

    CD rip:!ickFkRjD!v1zb5Epu2UpKnSFH11o5OICzdTapx7v1tcgE76BjoZY

  2. Hello Nelwizard,
    best wishes to you for the year 2016 and many thanks for your great blog. Very good start for me with "Zipper"... what a dirty sweaty heavy rock ...
    Nice greetings from Germany.

  3. Olá Putaveia, alguns tempo atras você postou a discografia discografia do Sheavy, infelizmente o megauploud foi... te peço que se possível, nos(me) agracie com a mais da Sheavy Band novamente!Tenho o Dvd do show no templo maçom, ouvi falar mas não consegui o Dvd bônus, se você me conseguir seria bom de mais!!!

    1. Olá Lenin, saudações;

      sinto informar-lhe que a alguns anos o nosso amigo "putaveia" já não se encontra mais fisicamente nesse planeta! E em relação ao DVD bônus do show no templo maçom, eu não achei nenhuma informação; mas achei que haveria um DVD audio como bônus no álbum "The Machine That Won The War (bonus live DVD audio)".

      Tudo de bom!

    2. Lamento saber, faz um bom tempo que conversamos, o puta mencionou que andava ruim em um de seus posts. Vai a matéria é fica a lembrança, o puta foi dos poucos( acho que o único) que mencionaram algo sobre a banda Sheavy! Valeu Gerreiro amigo do bom rock!!!

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