Daydé - Daydé (J'aime) + White Soul [1971/1972 french wonderful psychedelic blues-rock) Flac

Joel was born in Paris in the Fourth Arrondissement near Notre Dame, in a legendary "Hotel Dieu", the oldest hospital in the capital ...

If he was born in England or the United States, it could have been called Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and ... because the Blues is in him ...

At age 15, age 16, he founded together with friends and made a small band of street music. 1967: real beginning of his career, he formed a band called Les Tombes, winner of Tremplin, Golf Drouot.

In May 1968, three musicians are aware of him, he played for one season at the Club Med, then he founded the band ZOO, 1969 at Barclay takes his first album.

In 1970 Joël Daydé leaves the band to under his own name at BARCLAY RIVIERA album "J'aime" record. February in 1971, this album is the favorite drive of the week in Pop Club by José Arthur.

In 1972 in London, recorded at Barclay with Rick Wakeman, the pianist of the band YES and King Crimson drummer Mike Giles, the album White Soul.


01. I'm Very Well (Part one) [02':11"]
02. Can I Live My Life [02':30"]
03. Confusion [03':10"]
04. See Here [03':28"]
05. Cocaine [08':34"]
06. Mine Line [03':18"]
07. The Great Love [03':53"]
08. You Got Freedom [03':55"]
09. You Honey [06':28"]
10. I'm Very Well (Part two) [01':45"]

White Soul
11. A Better Place [02':57"]
12. Soul Snatching Woman [03':19"]
13. The End Is Pretty Hard To Take [03':28"]
14. Years Of Solitude [02':35"]
15. Overtime [02':34"]
16. Evil Lady Loving [03':10"]
17. City People [02':38"]
18. Pipriac Song [01':48"]
19. Them [03':24"]
20. Do It Now [02':38"]
21. Jesahel [03':12"]


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