Fontessa - Fontessa (1973 holland stupendous progressive psychedelic/blues rock - 2014 reissue) Flac

Frank van der Kloot started his musical career in a band called Bobby's Children. He played with them from 1971 until 1972. He then formed the band Drama with whom he recorded an album.

In 1973 he formed his own band Fontessa, together with the Drama drummer Shel Schellekens. In 1974 they recorded an album and a year later a single was released, A look in your eyes/Where have you been. 

After the decline of Fontessa Van de Kloot recorded a solo album, in 1976, also titled Fontessa.

Then, in 1978, a second solo album is released. He is currently the owner of a guitar shop in the Hague.
  • Frank van der Kloot: Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Shel Schellekens: Drums
  • Richard Hamilton: Voice
  • Jan Visser: Bass guitar (on [1,2,3,5]
  • Peter Vink: Bass guitar (on [4]
  • Eric Tagg: Fender piano (on [5]


  1. EAC > Flac+.cue+log(100%)+full scans!SYFXkRAS!Lz2FFIdDq3yTWtZA43o9xptaySWXq3hgJ2Dl6r-GXTM

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