Andy Fernbach - If You Miss Your Connexion (1969 uk splendid psychedelic blues rock - vinyl rip) Flac 24bit lossless

Andy Fernbach is a folk/blues singer and guitarist from Bournemouth whose first recordings are on 'Me And The Devil' compilation (LP, 1968); 'Duckin' And Dodgin', 'Broken Down Engine' and'Hard Time Killing Floor' (he's backed by Nick Whiffen on harmonica on the first two) were interesting arrangements of traditional tunes. 

This album (featuring J.D. Langer on guitar) is not just a rare find, it is ultra rare. The vinyl for this out of print album fetches $500 sometimes. And for those collectors who know their stuff, it is probably worth it.
A1. Hard-headed woman 03:51
A2. Have your bags soon ready 04:09
A3. Someday 04:56
A4. Woman goes from man to man 03:36
A5. By and by 02:59
B1. If you miss your connexion 03:47
B2. That’s all right 04:51
B3. Hanging around (for something th happen) 03:05
B4. Varying speeds 02:57
B5. Moving on 02:57 


  1. Vinyl rip - Flac 24/96 bit lossless


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  3. A great new find for me!! Great album
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