Ax - You've Been So Bad (1970 canadian, astonishing heavy/psychedelic rock - 10" EP) Flac 24bit lossless

10" 33rpm gatefold with insert. Originally 600 copies pressed (300 x Black & 300 x Purple Sparkle), an incredible find we have unearthed.

Hailing from Kitchener, Canada, this awesome late 60s/ early 70s Psychedelic heavy rock band Ax. Will appeal to fans of Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, topped off by killer vocals of Gary Gross who has melodic snarl that brings to mind early Ozzy meets Howard Werth of UK art rockers Audience.

Despite being a popular draw in their local area, these guys sadly faded into obscurity without ever releasing anything... until this. Amazingly the master tapes of these three killer tracks, recorded in 1970, were salvaged by baking and mastered for the first time ever, in order to bring you this true classic of an EP from the golden era of rock music that is so adored today.


  1. 10" EP, vinyl rip Flac 24bit lossless (192/32-bit floating point);ve_Been_So_Bad.rar

  2. I am truly thankful for this EP.Amazing tracks,never heard of this band before...


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