Thump Theater / Crank - A Night In The Cave (1971 us, awesome hard/heavy & progressive rock) vinyl rip, Flac 24bit lossless

Heavy-rock with progressive touch, split lp unearthed by the rockadelic label featuring ultra-rare underground 70s hard rock sounds (c. 1971) with one side by each band. 

These tapes came from the Cavern Sound Studios (Stoned Circus, Bulbous Creation, Phantasia, Trizo 50); the Crank tape had ‘Zep Jr.’ written on the box, which is pretty accurate frame of reference. As for Crank's music, it's consistently heavy, tightly played energetic hard blusey rock, packed with sharp riffs. Owing a debt to Led Zep no doubt, but with it's own brand of aggression it stands on it's own merit as the sound of a young and extremely talented band that could have gone on greater success. The final track regresses slightly in to standard blues-rock, but this is eminently forgivable, acknowledging the influences this music emerged from.

Thump Theater offers a more progressive rock sound with some good guitar breaks and catchy lyrics. Last copies from a long gone edition from 1997 of around 750 copies.

A1. You Weren't Meant For Me
A2. Do You Even Feel
A3. Highest Ground
A4. Attention
B1. Let Go
B2. Give You My Love
B3. Want You Back
B4. Don't Push Me Away
B5. N F T B


  1. Thanks,Nelwizard, for this rarity and for putting it up through Mega which is the only working link for me. One simple question, which band plays Side One or Side Two?

    1. Hi Hajul Ellah, cheers my friend; the band that plays on side A is Thump Theater, and consequently the B side is with the Crank!

      All the best!


  2. Man... you're sucking the space out of my HDD with your 24-96bit stuff, it's hard to resist these obscurities & even harder to keep at it without deleting Other names.. 'Popular' names more precisely.. x) otherwise ; converting lossless files to lossies breaks the heart too.. see the pro.. heh, who am i kidding, i love dealing with this dilemma as much as i love exploring Psych blogs such as this one,.. (guess i gotta lay the pipe down & get a job to buy a new HDD.. mean new Records..).. [Take #2] .. just trying to add some fun while saying "Thank you" ; seriously ; Thank you very much for the interest you peeps show to old 'almost' forgotten bands, all your choices are meaningful, excellent Audio quality as usual (The best actually), fine host,... Nothing to complain about! Keep at it & Thank you very much for your best intentions, appreciated!
    [I dedicate the song i'm listening to right now to you guys ;) :
    "Krishna's Golden Dope Shop" (by/from "Siloah") ]

  3. Where is the Crank photo from? I Just got this on vinyl, didn't see it

  4. File has been deleted :-(


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