Overseas Highway ‎– Miles Away (1978, US, progpsych, Alpha Rec vinylrip, single flac + cue + splitter, DR9, artwork)

Three piece hippie band that originly formed in 1970 in Key West, Florida. Progressive psych LP with only two band members remaining, Lenny Perez sadly has passed on. Tunes. Some Dead style guitar jams. "Topaz" has a nice psych middle eastern sound with a long guitar solo, this is a great jam. "Melodic Motion" has an almost Robin Trower sound with phase shifter. "Re Entry" is more progressive with a long drum solo and nice guitar. "Time Delay" is very original with a mellow almost euphoric trippy feel. "Space Jam" and "Nautilus" have that almost spooky edge. 250 press and there are very few around they are becoming quite rare. Reason doesn`t. And all have wrinkles on the labels or at least on one side. Miles Away was recorded at Criteria Studio Miami, Florida 1978.

There were a handful of bands in Key West during the 60's and 70's that would be considered psych and garage. Many of the band's members moved around and formed other bands. Some of the local musicians were in many different bands during this period. Overseas Highway is one of the more prominent bands from Key West. They recorded a couple albums worth of material and released two LP's. This, their main LP is their most sought after release. Jazzy Psych throughout. Very desirable and very rare. About 600 copies made.

Side one:
A1 Miles Away    
A2 Earth Abuse    
A3 Reflecting Moods    
A4 Space Jam    
A5 Nautilus    
A6 Topaz
Side two:    
B1 Part Of Me    
B2 Essence Of The Future    
B3 Melodic Motion    
B4 Re Entry    
B5 Time Delay

Jim Dean - drums, synthesizer
John King - vocals, lead guitar
Lenny Perez - bass guitar

Overseas Highway "Miles Away" 1978 US Psych Rock    (by John Dug)

[Rip and Scans by frantanovak]

Link:    179mb/



  1. I have not heard this and will probably never hear it. This crappy service being used for this is strictly a money grab. After an hour of downloading, when it finished, it said it was malware and deleted itself, not on my end but by the download service! I doubt anyone has heard this!

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  2. Your welcome Milos, I like these little tidbits, of trivia like that. I find it very interesting... music is for me more than a passion! .... this a freedom in my mind. Thanks my friend for sharing!

    1. Howdy fellas, just checked that DLlink - everything`s ok, see screen here => http://picload.org/image/cwirllc/screen.jpg

  3. Thanks for offering this album, but I agree with Lamz & adamus67. Even IDM does not recognize it as a rar file !!!

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    1. Yes, you`re correct - thanks for notice - new CUE sheet works ok

  5. Hey mate! Is a reupload of this awesome album possible?

    1. Unfortunately not, it's one of those very rare albums that only had copy-to that I don't know what happened to ...

    2. Luckily enough I end up finding it buried in one of my hard drives. I uploaded it to Mediafire, here's a link for whoever might be interested:


      Cheers mate!


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