Burnt Suite - Burnt Suite (1972 us, excellent psychedelic rural rock - vinyl rip) Flac

Post provided by my friend "Ozrock"; thanks mate!

Released on the BJM label, 1972's S/T release by Burnt Suite is a mix of soft country rock, featuring some ballads, and harder rock, with mild psych influences. The lack of personnel, coupled with the spartan production, yields a rather thin sound over most of the LP, and a general garage sound that they may not have exactly been going for, but is very desirable to underground collectors. Grades - 3 B+'s, 1 B, 2 B-'s, and 2 C's. It should be noted that track B3 actually is comprised of 2 parts: the first is really part 1 of track B4, changing over to "Vindati Shanti" about halfway through. Then B4 picks up where part 1 left off in the previous track. Whew! Did you get all that? I'm not really sure what the intent was there, but I'm treating the first half of track B3 as a separate cut. The band were from East Hartford, CT. (tymeshifter)

  • A1Tonight3:50
  • A2Sally Salamander2:18
  • A3Coming to an End2:35
  • A4Finest Thing in Life2:58
  • A5Lightning5:18
  • B1Enjoyment of the Dawn2:55
  • B2Got Time3:34
  • B3Vindati Shanti6:32
  • B4It's What You Wanted4:08


  1. Vinyl rip by "Ozrock"

    Flac, no scans


    Password: pisistrate_nelson



    "No password"

  2. Burnt Suite were from Canton, Connecticut and consisted of William Florian, Woody Andrews, and Jym Cifaldi.
    Thx for sharing!!! :)

  3. Never heard this album before.I like this one,because trios from that time are my speciality foe collecting.Shade for no covers.Anyway thanks a lot...

  4. If this is bordelo do rock, I must be at the right place.

  5. check out Spacegoat on YouTube, which is psychedelic, proggy hard-rock/heavy metal more like early '70s style.

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    Thanks a lot

  7. Please upload it again....thank you

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