Frankie Zhivago Young - The Age Of Flying High (1977 Bahamas, astonishing funk, soul & reggae - vinyl rip) Flac, 24-bit/192 lossless

Reissue on Superfly Records, deluxe edition. Limited to 1000 copies. 

"Originally pressed in miniscule quantities on the tiny Ultra/Alwa label in Miami in 1977, Frankie Zhivago Young's The Age Of Flying High remains one of the masterpieces of the Island Soul sound. Recorded over a short few days in 1976, the album combines soul, funk and reggae influences with Bahamian Junakoo and Goombay rhythms, drawing from the rich musical landscapes of North America and the Caribbean."

One of the rarest Bahamas Soul LPs available for the first time in over 30 years!
Nassau-based Frankie ‘Zhivago’ Young was part of the musical scene that created the Island Soul sound– mixing local junkanoo and Goombay rhythms with the US RnB and Soul sounds that filtered over from Miami.
“The age of flying high’ is Frankie Young’s second and rarest LP. Initially coming out on a tiny private label based in Florida with little distribution and forgotten for many years, the few copies that turn up are highly sought and sell for in excess of $500 – if you can find one…
Featuring the mythical track ‘Someone stole your love’ plus lost pearls of sweet soul, reggae and of course hot Island funk, not to mention the involvement of Jamaican musical legend Boris Gardner, the LP is one of the pinnacles of the Island Soul sound.

Superfly Records are proud to present a fully licensed high-qualilty reissue, pressed on 180 gram vinyl with authentic paste-on covers printed in Japan.


A1 Flying High
A2 Unhappy Man
A3 All Around The World
A4 I'm Yours
A5 Someone Stole Your Love
A6 Hello Stranger
B1 Pretty Blue Eyes
B2 My Eyes Adore You
B3 Mr. Bogangles
B4 The Last Tear Drop Falls
B5 No Woman No Cry
B6 Some one Stole Your Love (Part 2)


Bass – Doc Edwards
Drums, Vocals – Paul (Scavella) Meelbourne
Keyboards, Vocals – Bobby Colbrook
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Frankie Zhivago Young


  1. Flac 24-bit lossless/192, vinyl rip,174040849.rar(archive),174063692.rar(archive)

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