Musikpatruljen - Musikpatruljen (1972, brilliant danish psychedelic/soft blues-rock - Flac)

Eu agradeço imensamente ao meu amigo dinamarquês "Petergorm" por me apresentar e me permitir conhecer essa excelente banda da Dinamarca! Desfrutem!

Danish rock band, established early 1972 including the core of the musicians recording and touring with duo Skousen & Ingemann the previous year. Besides Niels Skousen and Peter Ingemann Musikpatruljen included guitarist Tømrerclaus (Claus Pedersen), drummer Bjørn Uglebjerg and saxophonist/flutist Knud Bjørnø. 

After the release of their only album in March 1972, guitarist Stig Møller replaced Tømrerclaus and played live with the band until they disbanded on 28 April 1973. 

The eponymous album Musikpatruljen curiously contained the 1971 single EEC-Blues that at the time of original release was credited to Niels Skousen/Peter Ingemann only.


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    EAC > Flac+.cue+log (100%) +full set scans [600 dpi]


  2. New for me THANKS A LOT!!

  3. Cara esta achei meio fraca !!! Mas viva o rock..


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