ID - Where Are We Going (1975, US, space guit-keys-tron progrock, RE-vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR8, artwork)

I keep finding obscure American prog acts that just blow me away. Cathedral's Stained Glass Stories was my first exposure, back in 1994, via a blank cassette copy (I since acquired the 1989 LP reissue with a different cover, and the CD reissue, which features the original artwork, although not the original typefont, I don't have the original Delta label LP, for rather obvious reasons). Most obscure American prog I've acquired had been on major labels, or labels with nationwide distribution, like Ethos, Fireballet, and Happy the Man, so original LPs of those do turn up (I actually saw the debut of Happy the Man at a St. Vincent de Paul once!). I had been lucky to acquire original small label LP pressings of Babylon and the even more obscure Albatross, but then, although those are rare, aren't as obscenely rare as Cathedral, or the even more obscure Earthrise.

ID, not exactly sure where they hail from, I've heard Texas, New York, and even Maryland, but they recorded their only album Where Are We Going late in 1975, but was not released until 1977, which was on the small Aura label. I bet you the band was looking for major labels to release it but to no avail, so it got released on a small label (a similar fate happened to Yezda Urfa with Boris, but that album never made it past the demo pressing stage, and an actual release didn't happen until decades later with the Syn-Phonic CD reissue). What you get here is jam-oriented guitar and Mellotron-oriented prog, with some space rock tendencies. Some might feel this is a bit "guitar overkill", but I don't have that problem here, and I find the music quite engaging. They can really rock out, but also mellow out when need to. I was having a hard time thinking what they remind me of, they remind me a tad of Finch, but without the Focus influence (the guitarist doesn't play like Joop van Nimwegen, or Jan Akkerman, for that matter), and even more guitar-oriented.

Obscurities are truly a minefield out there. Many are obscure because they deserve to be obscure, they're not great, some of them are awful, but this one is simply amazing. Truly recommended for those who want great guitar-oriented jam prog, with nice use of Mellotron to boot!
~progarchives (Progfan97402)

side one:
A1.Sunrise (A New Day)
A2.(Part One) Where Are We Going...
side two:
B1.(Part Two) Where Are We Going...
B2.Solar Wind

ID - Solarwind

Kevin Orsie - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Jenkins - Drums, Vocals
James Albert - Guitar [Slide], Producer
David Oickle - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Mellotron, Written-By, Producer
Gary Oickle - Lead Guitar, Written-By
Bob Halsal - Mellotron, Engineer
Ed Slade - Producer

Recorded at Dimensional Sound Studios (PPX Enterprise) West 54th Street, New York, N.Y., October 1975.

[rip and scans by frantanovakzelhoty]




  1. shit dl

    help without stage 3

    How to DL - screen a joke?

  2. The file is destroyed, or is it me? Could you please check it? The link works, the file unzips OK but only track 1 is playable. Thanks...

  3. The copious amounts of Mellotron strings on display here were played by David Oickle and engineer Bob Halsal; it's essentially used for chordal backdrops to the lead guitar work, although there are a few moments of near-solo playing, not least towards the end of the arse-about-face titled (Part One) Where Are We Going, which closes side one. And is that 'Tron brass on Solar Wind? Hard to tell, mainly due to the beyond-murky production, not to mention the fact that the Mellotron sits mainly in the upper registers, in a vain attempt to be heard over the ever-present guitar.

    @gigic2255: Many thanks that you're back here! :)

  4. can you please re-upload this flac copy?! this release is way beyond "masterful" & if lossless form & a perfect score ain't given to such, i don't know what it's for then. Thank you very much.

  5. Oh baby! Thank you very very much your kindness, for responding, and for using the friendly // Much Obliged.

  6. Olá.

    Poderia por favor reupar o disco?


  7. Can You reupload this, please!? Thanks!

  8. Hi
    Thank you very much for posting

    I don't know what happened but the flac files in the RAR are are not right.
    On the original LP the track times are
    A1 Sunrise (A New Day) 4:16
    A2 (Part One) Where Are We Going... 16:02
    B1 (Part Two) Where Are We Going... 13:44
    B2 Solar Wind 9:46
    I have this on mp3 and can confirm the times are right
    The RAR contains four FLAC files corresponding to the track names above. For simplicity sake I'll use the shortened names A1,A2,B1,B2 to reference them.
    File A1 is 11:56 long, B2 is 27:50 long. I'll come back to those.
    Files A2 and B1 are not proper FLAC files. In WinRAR the packed sizes are 297 and 298 bytes respectively. This is less than the size of a FLAC header so these were never proper FLAC files. FLAC test proves this.
    File A1 contains the only first 11:56 of "(Part One) Where Are We Going". File B2 starts with the last 4 minutes of "(Part One) Where Are We Going" followed by the whole of "(Part Two) Where Are We Going" and then the entirety of "Solar Wind". The track "Sunrise (A New Day)" is entirely missing from the RAR set. Adding the track times for these two files is close to the track times for A2+B1+B2.
    Unfortunately there is an addition problem. The wave files exhibit a marked cut off at 16kHz which is a classic sign of an mp3 conversion.

    I've downloaded a fair number of recordings from this site and never had an issue before. I thank you again for those. However, whoever supplied this RAR to you has cheated you.


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